Orthopedic Conditions (Joint Pains)

Daya Neuro Physio & Rehabilitation Center

Chronic Orthopedic conditions such as arthritis and bursitis affect the musculoskeletal system – most commonly the bones or joints. They can cause pain and dysfunction making even normal daily activities difficult. These conditions are different from orthopedic injuries like a shoulder dislocation or broken bone, which are often due to sudden trauma. Unlike accidental or traumatic orthopedic injuries, chronic conditions tend to be progressive, starting slowly and getting worse or evolving. They may be genetic or age-related, or they may be caused by overuse.

Some orthopedic conditions are curable, and some cannot currently be cured but can be treated to reduce pain and improve quality of life. Getting an accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment can help reduce problems down the road – even in progressive conditions without a cure. There are categories of chronic orthopedic conditions that can occur in many parts of the body. At Beaumont, we diagnose and treat most of them, including:

  • Arthritis, Bursitis, Osteoporosis, Tumors, Pain

  • Some chronic conditions are best treated by specialists who treat specific conditions every day. While orthopedic doctors can and do treat rheumatoid arthritis (RA), patients with RA may benefit from seeing a rheumatologist.

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